Training Administration for Small Organisations & Schools


  1. Central Database
    Access all of your training data from one database with Simplex eliminating the need to collate complex data from multiple systems. Data is collected at each stage of the training process, including planning and scheduling courses, Costs, Recording Enrolments and Attendance, Training Evaluation forms, Qualifications, Skills and Appraisal and Performance Review.
  2. On Line Booking
    Manage employee development and training effectively with e-Simplex. Designed to enable advertising of courses online, e-Simplex provides on line access for Employees to view courses and submit applications across multiple sites. Training evaluations can be completed giving immediate feedback on the quality and relevance of the training.
  3. Attendance
    A full list of delegates is held for each scheduled Event together with their Approval Status, Reason for Booking and Attendance code – these can then be easily reported on periodically. Delegates can be enrolled using the Multiple or Group screens saving data entry time. External Training can be added using the Individual Training Activity screen to save time.
  4. Evaluation
    Record, monitor and measure the value of training with fully customisable evaluation Questionnaire forms for delegates allowing staff responses to be recorded and analysed. Extensive reports are available for further analysis. Delegate evaluation reports include Forms Received and Missing Evaluation Forms.
  5. Performance Review
    Schedule all stages of Appraisal meetings from focus meetings, through to assessments, observations and interviews. Dates, times and those involved can all be recorded and detailed summaries held. Agreed Appraisal targets and actions can be noted, assigned a weighting and priority to aid ongoing development and follow up.
  6. Reporting
    Simplex’s wide range of ready to use reports are flexible and easy to filter, enabling you to analyse data against comprehensive KPI's. Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, Text File and PDF, and using the built-in report writer provides flexibility in writing your own reports. Using Outlook™; reminder tasks can be scheduled to remind the user to run reports.
  7. Costs
    Costs can be recorded throughout the system – with user definable cost categories and budget periods -allowing costs analysis and reports to be provided. Track expenditure against an individual course, employee by providing estimated and actual costs for each cost category in the quarter (business edition) or term (schools edition).
  8. Course Planning
    A full calendar of internal and external events and training courses can be recorded. Structured data fields categorise courses into types and training areas which can later be used for reporting. Course Scope, Providers and Training Details together with course materials can also be held. Qualifications and Skills can be attached and gained upon completion.
  9. Dashboards
    Dashboards provide a complete view of your workforce and the training, evaluations and appraisal. Designed to be both flexible and highly visual, Pre-Set Dashboards are included. Also available is the Dashboard Administrator allowing users to design and deploy their own Dashboards to meet the company’s day to day information needs.