Employee Recruitment Software


  1. Vacancies
    Job vacancies are managed in the system with a Recruitment Cycle that sets out the stages for the campaign. As application forms are received, candidates are progressed through to shortlisting, interviews and assessment through to successful appointment. At each stage, letters or emails can be sent informing the candidate of their progress..
  2. Candidate Details
    All standard application form data is gathered including; name, contact details, equal opportunities, employment history, references, educational history, qualifications and skills, training, experience, interests, criminal convictions and availability. Supporting statements and CV’s can be uploaded together with any other documents.
  3. On Line Applications
    Reduce time and money with e-Recruit allowing Vacancies to be advertised on your website, enabling applicants to complete and submit their application form on line. Candidates can save their application form progress and return later. The application form can be branded and customised to match the data required by your organisation.
  4. Enquiries
    Contact Details and Supporting Statement of initial enquiries received can be recorded together with the vacancy that they are interested in. At the click of a button, a vacancy description letter or email can be sent. Once an application form has been received, the Create candidate button will transfer them to the candidate screen.
  5. Agencies & Adverts
    Maintain a record of all recruitment agencies and advertising publications used. Data held includes; name and address of recruitment agencies, contractual terms and rates, telephone numbers, fax and e-mail for all key contacts, successful recruitment sources, failed recruitment campaigns, costs and full Contact Manager information.
  6. Interviews
    Keep track and schedule candidate interviews including date, time, candidate, venue and room together with main interviewer and interview panel. Easily generate letters or emails to candidate and interviewer to notify them of the scheduled interview. Candidate assessments can also be recorded with user definable criteria.
  7. Appoint Candidate
    Once the successful candidate has been appointed as an employee, the Appoint button can be used to transfer them into the Employee section of HRPersonnel. All application form data held about the candidate can also be transferred over to the pre-populate the employee data to save time on data entry.
  8. Templates
    Integration with Microsoft Office is available as standard allowing User Definable Templates to be set up for Letters, Contracts, Emails etc. Merging a template into Microsoft Word allows for a wide range of data to be drawn into the document automatically. Various Sample Templates are provided or you can create your own.
  9. Reporting
    Recruitment Manager's wide range of ready to use reports are flexible and easy to filter, enabling you to analyse data against comprehensive KPI's on the data held within the system. Reports can be exported to Word and Excel, and the option of integrating with Crystal Reports gives you the flexibility of writing your own reports if required.