QCF Qualification Management Software


  1. Qualifications
    A comprehensive system for the administration of Vocational Qualifications within the QCF framework across all occupational areas. Manage QCF Qualifications whether Awards, Certificates or Diplomas together with Units, Learning Outcomes and Criteria. Specify Rules for Mandatory and Optional Units with Credit Rules.
  2. Candidate Tracking
    Manage the complete QCF learning process using the Learning Planner to maintain records of qualifications being undertaken by employees or external candidates with their initial plan and choice of units. Track candidate progress from initial registration, unit completion to the overall Qualification achievement and certification.
  3. Credit Rules
    Define the Credit Structure for each Award with the minimum overall Credits the learner must achieve and how this must be achieved in terms of Group A, B, C Units and the minimum or maximum credit points from each Group. Combine Credit Rules with the Candidate Credit Progress report to track candidates’ progress.
  4. Achievement
    Plan all forms of QCF awards for candidates with Units to be achieved and registration and assessor details. The Total number of units and credits achieved and in progress is automatically tracked. As qualifications and skills are achieved, these are automatically added to the employee’s record and any certificates attached.
  5. Assessment
    Assessor/Verifier records can be held including personal details, license details and expiry, qualifications and the occupational areas they are competent to assess in. Candidates assessed and meeting histories are maintained for each assessor. Details of sampled units, with types of evidence sampled and sampling done by verifiers can be tracked.
  6. Portfolio
    The Candidate Portfolio Management and Tracking features provide an electronic portfolio system with facilities to hold materials and references, define contents and cross reference to units and elements for all assessment purposes. Data such as filing date and reference, date of submission, verification date etc. is also included.
  7. Work Placements
    Work placements and Meetings between Assessors, Verifiers and Candidates can be easily maintained. Each work placement can be categorised by occupational area with relevant Qualifications and Competencies to be gained. It allows the QCF provider to hold basic quality assurance data against the work placement.
  8. Templates
    Integration with Microsoft Office is available as standard allowing User Definable Templates to be set up for Letters, Certificates and Registers etc. Merging a template into Microsoft Word allows for a wide range of data to be drawn into the document automatically. Various Sample Templates are provided or you can create your own.
  9. Reporting
    QCF L&S has a wide range of ready to use reports are flexible and easy to filter, enabling you to analyse data against comprehensive KPI's on the data held within the system. Reports can be exported to Word and Excel, and the option of integrating with Crystal Reports gives you the flexibility of writing your own reports if required.