Corporate System Integration
Organisations are moving towards software that can integrate, link and communicate with other applications. We provide a range of bespoke import and export solutions and have experience over many years of integrating with many Corporate HR and Payroll Systems such as; Oracle HR, Midland HR, iTrent, ResourceLink, Sage, Earnie and many more.
One Off Data Imports
Data can be imported from previous personnel, training or payroll systems in order to preserve continuity of historical data during system transitions. This ensures mapping and data translation as the systems are migrated, as well as optional data cleansing.
Repeating Imports
Integration with other corporate systems is provided using a Bespoke Repeating Import solution, where data is imported periodically to ensure continuity between both systems. This is commonly provided to maintain an up to date staff list in both systems without the need for double entry. Multiple Imports can also be set up to transfer records from different sources e.g. HR, Payroll, Qualifications Database and e-Learning System etc.  

  • Import & Create New Staff Records from Source System
  • Update Staff Records with Contact Details, Department and Job changes
  • Update Staff Leavers
  • Schedule to run Automatically – e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.