Personnel Management Software


  1. Central Database
    Access all of your Personnel data from one database with HRPersonnel eliminating the need to collate complex data from multiple systems. Data is collected from recruitment to retirement, including Basic Employee Details, Jobs & Contracts, Working Hours, Holidays, Absence, Attendance, Pay, Pensions, Training and much more.
  2. Employee Details
    Comprehensive employee records for all types of staff are easily maintained including full contact details with history for each individual together with equal opportunities data, grievance and discipline, DBS and Safeguarding checks and emergency contacts. Use of company vehicles and travel claims can also be tracked.
  3. Jobs & Contracts
    A full job history can be held against employees allowing the simplest to most complex range of jobs to be recorded. Multiple jobs and shift patterns can be entered against individuals or posts and transferred down to staff. Start and End Dates, Probation Periods and Induction Status are recorded together with pay amounts and pay scale points.
  4. Holidays
    Entitlement is calculated using rules that include Days and Hours, Length of Service and Staff Type Entitlement. Rules are also available for carried forward and rounding up holidays. Dates, times and holiday reason can be recorded with work lost and remaining entitlement calculations. Additional/TOIL days can also be added manually to each employee.
  5. Sickness & Absence
    Records include dates, times and reason which the system uses to calculate work lost and Statutory Sick Pay. Rules can be defined for Contractual Sick Pay and triggers set up for length of sickness and sick pay entitlement expiry. Lateness can also be recorded together with Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave and pay calculations.
  6. Pay & Pensions
    Annual, monthly and weekly pay with hourly rates or pay scales and spinal columns can be recorded with annual pay awards and uplift features. Payments and deductions can be fully managed including benefits, pension contributions, sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption pay. Optional payroll integration is also available.
  7. Reminders & Alarms
    Keep track of important dates via the Reminders feature. Warnings show on screen when opening the system to remind you of important triggers and dates. Including, Probation Period End, Security Check Due, Qualification and Competency Expiry, Absence Length, Absence Occurrences, Sickness Triggers and Sick Pay Expiry and more.
  8. Templates
    Integration with Microsoft Office is available as standard allowing User Definable Templates to be set up for Letters, Contracts, Registers and Certificates etc. Merging a template into Microsoft Word allows for a wide range of data to be drawn into the document automatically. Various Sample Templates are provided or you can create your own.
  9. Reporting
    HRPersonnel’s wide range of ready to use reports are flexible and easy to filter, enabling you to analyse data against comprehensive KPI's on the data held within the system. Reports can be exported to Word and Excel, and the option of integrating with Crystal Reports gives you the flexibility of writing your own reports if required.
  10. Staff Scheduling
    Optional Module. Standardise the weekly or monthly tasks of preparing staff schedules, reduce costs and ensure the best possible staff cover. Pre-load staff holidays and absence at the click of a button to see staff availability. Prepare Draft rotas whilst checking staffing levels at defined intervals and easily make adjustments to finalise the rota.
  11. Training Admin
    Optional Module. Record all types of employee training using the Training Course Manager to plan and schedule your annual training programme. A list of delegates is held for each course with Approval and attendance status. Training history is maintained for all employees together with appraisal, training needs, qualifications and skills.
  12. Recruitment
    Optional Module. Simplify your employee recruitment and cut the costs of appointing new staff. From vacancy planning to candidate short listing, interviewing and assessment as well as final appointment, Recruitment Manager helps manage it all. e-Recruit allows Vacancies to be advertised on line, enabling applicants to complete applications.