Academy Player & Youth Development Software


  1. Player Details
    Maintain player personal details including name, contact details, parents, guardians and schools. Initial contact and registration details include age category, player type, position, initial scout and coach. Qualification and skills profiles together with training courses and coaching sessions complete a profile of player training and development.
  2. Medical Records
    Maintain full medical history for players from initial contact with Academy players to medical assessment of Professional players. This includes PE and Fitness Test Results, Injuries Log, Drug Tests, Allergies, Immunisations and Special Requirements. Musculo-skeletal evaluation and cardiac screening assessments can also be recorded.
  3. Assessments
    Periodic player assessments can be recorded including Coach, Scouting and Player self-assessment. A range of user definable assessment criteria can be set up and players performance graded. Automatically generate progress statements for parents or schools and record skills development and fitness action plans.
  4. Training & Coaching
    Qualifications can be recorded with type of award, title and date awarded before joining the club or after. Skills profiles can be recorded for both football and general skills such as written communication. Details of training courses are maintained as can specific skills coaching sessions to provide a complete profile of player training and development.
  5. Schools Database
    A comprehensive database of all schools in the locality can be established with name, address, email address, telephone numbers and main contacts. A list of all academy youth players attending the school can be maintained including any other prospective players that are currently under scouting assessment.
  6. e-Academy
    Designed for players, parents, coaches and Scouts, e-Academy provides web access to view and enter player information, update contact details and next of kin, viewing recent assessment results and upcoming matches. Scout and Coach access is also provided to record new players, registration information or scheduling a match.
  7. Matches & Teams
    Domestic and International Match history, selection and substitution can be held for each player, together with scores, match discipline and post-match assessments. Squads can be set up automatically based on age groups with injured players excluded. Coaches or Managers can view all eligible players in the age group and select teams.
  8. Scouting
    Hold personal details of prospective players, matches, assessments, and scouting recommendations. Record comprehensive details on the match and circumstances the scouted player is assessed for including the team formations played to be held visually in the match record as well as photographical or video snapshots to support the scouting assessments.
  9. Professional Players
    Professional Player Manager provides detailed personnel records for all players including Registration, agents and players fee, signing fees due, transfers and first team squad contracts. The recording of player’s pay includes match, goal bonuses in terms of appearances made as well as details of player’s benefits and insurance.
  10. Appointments
    Designed to schedule and record appointments with Club Doctors, Physio’s and Fitness Specialists, the Appointments Manager allows you to maintain an Appointments Log for weekly and daily consultations that are password protected, increasing the security of confidential records. Use the built-in reports to easily extract information when required.
  11. Templates
    Integration with Microsoft Office is available as standard allowing User Definable Templates to be set up for Contracts, Letters and Certificates and more. Merging a template into Microsoft Word allows a wide range of data to be drawn into the document. Various Sample Templates are provided or you can create your own.
  12. Reporting
    Football Academy's wide range of ready to use reports are flexible and easy to filter, enabling you to analyse data against comprehensive KPI's on the data held within the system. Reports can be exported to Word and Excel, and using the built-in report writer or integrating with Crystal Reports gives you the flexibility of writing your own reports.